Precision Technocast Pvt Ltd

Manufacture & Exporter of Precision Casting,Investement (Lost Wax),of all Ferrous,Non Ferrous and Super Alloys.

Precision Technocast Pvt Ltd
Precision Technocast Pvt Ltd
Precision Technocast Pvt Ltd

What is Investment Casting ?

Investment casting (otherwise known as lost wax casting) is where a disposable wax replica or "wax pattern" is formed from an injection moulding tool. Investment casting and manufacturing has been a core competence of Precision Technocast Pvt Ltd for years, resulting in our superior product quality.

Investment casting is usually one of the more expensive casting methods as it allows us to incorporate far more intricate designs that are generally not possible with other methods. This advantage over other manufacturing methods usually justifies any extra costs and is why investment casting remains a preferred method for items where the details are a key feature.

With our knowledge and experience on the subject,Precision Technocast Pvt Ltd will work with you to provide the highest quality components while remaining within your budget.

Precision Technocast Pvt Ltd

Precision Technocast Pvt Ltd was Established in 2006 to manufacture investment castings using the lost wax process and started production in 2007.Within the short span of time PTPL has earned good reputation in investment Casting for prompt delivery, casting Tolerances, Surface finish Chemical & physical properties.

We strive to set the industry standard for on time delivery, quality and customer service. To achieve all these needs, we have state of art facilities and expertise to back our commitment.

In year 2011 Precision Technocast Pvt Ltd has received lSO 9001 - 2008 from TUV NABCB QM002 to meet all international quality procedure.

Precision Technocast Pvt Ltd. Plant spans with total area of land 35000sq feet with a production Area of 300000Sq. Feet and is equipped all modern machinery

No project is overly ambitious or complicated. Our experienced personnel are committed to teamwork, and insuring that the customer is involved in every step of a projects development.

Our Quality Control department is equipped with the Following instruments :

  • Spectrometer for analysis of Chemical Composition of the castings.
  • Universal Testing Machine.
  • Hardness Testing Machine.
  • Hydrauiic Pressure Testing.
  • All type of Measuring Instruments.